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Fairphone launches sustainable and modular 5G phone



Fairphone launches sustainable and modular 5G phone

Dutch social enterprise, Fairphone has announced the launch of the Fairphone 4  — the world’s first modular 5G smartphone that is also a more sustainable, repairable and socially responsible device. The new 5G phone, available to pre-order now, is the next phase in the company’s journey to develop fair, long-lasting, high-quality devices and establish a market for ethical and fair electronics. 

Fairphone 4

(Image credit: Fairphone)

“Premium sustainable smartphone that is future-proof.”

Eva Gouwens, CEO, Fairphone.

“We’re taking a completely different approach to manufacturing smartphones — we’re changing the way devices are made and used. We want to challenge the traditional way of designing devices, including the notion that thinner is better. The starting point in development was to produce a premium sustainable smartphone that is future-proof, easily repairable, designed to last and therefore more circular and fair. We want Fairphone 4 to be a device that people enjoy keeping for longer and that sets them apart from the crowd. Our customers are people who make independent choices to create positive change, and they choose Fairphone to accelerate that change,” said Eva Gouwens, CEO of Fairphone. 

Five-year warranty

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