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W’air Review: Stain removal made easy



W’air Review: Stain removal made easy


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Capable of cleaning entire items, the W’air excels as a stain remover both on fabric and upholstery. Easily dealing with my test stains, this is a valuable tool for keeping fabric at its best. The relatively high price may make it difficult to justify for all.


  • Simple to use
  • Removes stains brilliantly
  • Uses very little water


  • Time consuming for large items


  • UKRRP: £199
  • USAunavailable
  • Europeunavailable
  • Canadaunavailable
  • Australiaunavailable

Key Features

  • TypeThis is a spot cleaner that can remove stains on all types of fabrics from clothes to sofas. It’s also capable of refreshing or cleaning entire items.


A washing machine might be the perfect appliance for cleaning a large number of clothes at once, it isn’t as capable of tackling spot stains or very delicate items that might require a trip to the dry cleaner. That’s where W’air comes in. Using a fine spray of water mixed with a selection of detergents and pre-treatment stain removers, this system is built to specifically deal with stains, to refresh clothes and handle delicate items.

Stain removal is impressive, but refreshing items can take a long time and the system isn’t cheap.

Design and Features

  • Ships with separate detergent and stain removal treatments
  • Small backing mat
  • Simple to use

Decked out in bright white plastic with a carry handle on top, the W’Air looks a little like a child’s medical set toy. It’s relatively light (3.5kg) and pretty small (390 x 235 x 370mm).

Using the W’air is easy, with the product shipping with the cleaning detergent and pre-treatment packs that you need. It’s designed to be used on a variety of surfaces, including upholstery, clothes and delicate dry-clean only products. How you use it will depend on the fabric and result you want.

For refreshing and deep-cleaning, you don’t need the pre-treatment solution. Here, you remove the 250ml water tank, fill it up and add a few squirts of detergent – which is available in Spring Sunrise, Lavender Breeze and Citrus Burst flavours.

W'air water tank

Then, you turn the machine on, lay your clothes on the provided map and move the wand head over the top, getting close without touching the items, covering all over. The W’air sends a delicate mist of water and detergent over your clothes, so that they become a little damp but not wet.

W'air cleaning a hoody

It is a little slow and painful covering a large item, particularly since the mat is rather small; I could only work on a small area at a time. 

For refreshing items, you’re done once you’ve covered your clothes; for deep cleaning, you should then dunk your clothes in water (if they’re marked as suitable for this) and then leave them to dry. 

For stain removal, you’ll need to use one of the two pre-treatment solutions, which should be applied directly to the fabric. W’air recommends performing a test on a discrete area first. The quick-start guide provides some advice on which pre-treatment to use, but the app goes into more detail, with a long list of stains to choose from.

W'air cleaning solution

Once the pre-treatment has dried, you can turn on the W’air and rub the wand head directly onto the stain to remove the mess. Again, items should dry in a few minutes, since very little water is used.

Given how slowly the spray comes out, I found stain removal quicker and easier than cleaning an entire garment.

Replacement solution costs £4.99 per bottle, regardless of the type, although you can get a discount if you buy two or more bottles at the same time. Given how little of each you use, the replacement cost is reasonable.


  • Excellent stain removal
  • Refreshes clothes well
  • Energy savings depend on the wash type

To test out the system, I used my standard stain strip, which is a white cloth embedded with red wine, vegetable oil, ketchup, orange juice and gravy stains (left to right). I…

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